Leo Desilets’ Company Profile


“Léo Désilets maître herboriste Inc”, is a natural products company entirely Quebec owned and operated. Established in Scotstown, in the Eastern Townships, it began its activities in 1974 when the founder, Leo Desilets, an expert herbalist, marketed his niche product: fir balsam gum. As for many companies in this field at that time, the production was rather small scale. As the company continued to grow, so did Leo Desilets’ team, which now included his sons as well as other professionals. Today “Léo Désilets maître herboriste Inc” employs more than 30 qualified and versatile employees in the production, packaging, shipping, marketing, quality control and administration departments. Even though the founder has now taken a well deserved retirement, the company continues to offer high quality natural products for the well being of his clients.

The year 2004 marked a turning point in the field of natural products. Health Canada brought in new regulations which were much more restricting. The purpose was to make sure that consumers obtain safe, efficient and high quality natural products. “Léo Désilets maître herboriste Inc.” applauded this initiative. Our production methods meet the requirements of the good manufacturing practices (GMP) mentioned in the Health Canada regulations.

We produce nearly 85 natural health products, which are of course available through our website, but also in several outlets.

Our mission; offer high quality natural health products to help you heal yourself and stay naturally healthy.

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